Senior Care

Tips on Senior Pet Care

Thanks to medical advancements in veterinarian care, pets are living much longer than they did a couple of decades ago. Although this means you get to spend more time with your pet, unfortunately, it also means they will be more likely to suffer with a variety of age related health issues. The good news is that as a pet owner, along with getting routine vet care for your senior pet, there are a number of things you can do to help ensure your senior pet is as comfortable and healthy as possible. Here are a few tips to care for senior pets in Coral Gables.


Safe and Comfortable Bedding

Just like humans, pets can suffer with arthritis, which causes joint pain and a loss of mobility. Sleeping in a comfortable bed will help to reduce the pain and discomfort that pets experience when they have arthritis. When choosing a bed for your senior pet, select one that is low enough to the floor for ease in getting up, but one that is large enough for them to stretch out on and that will support their weight. If your pet has hip dysplasia, talk with your veterinarian about recommendations for orthopedic dog beds, which can help your pet get a more restful sleep and relieve the discomfort of joint pain.


Incontinence is common among senior pets, especially if your pet has a medical issue, such as digestion problems or cancer. Although your pet may be housebroken, as they age, it may become more difficult for them to avoid accidents. Using potty pads can help to keep your home clean, but they aren’t going to much help if your pet has mobility issues. A good solution is to use diapers that are designed for pets; this is especially beneficial at night when your pet may have more difficulties getting up or going outside. Your veterinarian will be able to provide you with recommendations that are suitable for your specific pet breed.

Keep in mind that the nutrition requirements for elderly pets are often different from what they required as puppies or kittens, so be sure to talk with your veterinarian about changes you may need to make in your pet’s diet. Vet care is an extremely important part of properly caring for your senior pet, so be sure to schedule routine exams, including dental exams, to ensure your pet is on the right track to staying healthy.

To schedule a veterinarian appointment for your senior pet, contact the Coral Gables Animal Hospital.

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