Veterinary Services in Coral Gables

Being a dog or cat owner means that you need to provide your pet with medical care when it is necessary. Coral Gables Animal Hospital offers all types of veterinary services to keep your pet in the best of health. Here are some services our practice provides.

Comprehensive Examinations

It is important that your cat or dog gets yearly checkups by a veterinarian for optimal health. During these sessions, our vet will check your pet over from head to tail for any visible signs of medical difficulties that require intervention. A history of your pet's vital signs is kept for comparison purposes during subsequent visits. If your pet requires any type of treatment for a health issue, our veterinarians will inform you about the condition and treatment in full.

Preventative Measures

There are several ways to protect your pet from unfortunate medical risks. Our veterinarians provide our patients with protection against parasites to eliminate the troubles of flea and tick infestations as well as internal parasite difficulties. Microchipping your pet can help you be reunited with it should your pet happen to become separated from you and brought to a location with a chip reader, like a veterinary service or humane society. Our animal hospital provides spaying and neutering services to help stop unwanted reproduction in pets. These procedures can also help protect your dog or cat against reproductive cancers. Immunizations are administered to protect your pet against harmful diseases and other medical conditions. Vaccines can be given during your pet’s routine examinations.

Emergency and Critical Care Services

Pets that are suffering from any type of trauma require immediate help. If your pet is in serious pain due to an incident, such as being struck by a vehicle or coming into contact with a wild animal, bring him or her to our facility for care right away. If your pet is not feeling well, give us a call, and we will provide instruction regarding his or her care over the phone. If your pet requires a surgical procedure, our vets are able to perform this process as soon as possible or via a pre-determined scheduled date if applicable.

Our Other Veterinary Services

Contact our veterinarian in Coral Gables, FL if your pet is in need of a routine exam, preventative care, or emergency services. Give our animal hospital a call at 305-667-5821 to find out more about the services we offer or to make an appointment with our veterinarians.  Our veterinarian serves Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest, Miami Dade County, and South Florida areas.

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