Bring Your Pet to Coral Gables Animal Hospital to Get It The Diagnostics It May Need

Just like us humans, pets can suffer from conditions that a veterinarian may be unable to see. If they suspect something is wrong, they may order diagnostic services. Diagnostic services help to give veterinarians insight into what is going on with your pet, so they can make a more accurate diagnosis and come up with the correct treatment plan for it. Here at Coral Gables Animal Hospital in Coral Gables, Florida, we are proud to offer in-house diagnostic services for pets. Here are some of the diagnostics we offer and when and how they may be used.


In-House Lab Work

In some cases, a vet cannot completely tell what is wrong with your pet. They may order lab work to help fill in some of the missing pieces. Lab work can consist of either taking a blood sample, a urine sample, or a feces sample. Tests are then run to determine whether there is anything unusual about these samples. Our veterinarians are pleased to offer in-house lab work. This helps us to ensure the samples are received right away to be reviewed and helps us to get results back in a timely manner. 


Another diagnostic service that our staff is pleased to offer is radiology services. Radiology consists of x-rays. If we suspect that your pet has broken a bone or may have eaten something that it should not have, radiology films, or x-rays, can be taken. Our veterinarians can then review the x-rays and see inside of your pet to determine what they are dealing with and how to treat it. 


Most people equate the term ultrasound to pregnancy. While ultrasound can be used to determine if your pet is pregnant and see how many puppies or kittens it may be having, ultrasound can also tell a lot more. Ultrasound can check for fluids in the stomach, internal bleeding, or conditions such as kidney stones or bladder stones. 

HD CT Scans

HD CT Scans are most commonly used to check for growths in pets. These types of veterinary devices can check for tumors, benign growths, and masses in pets. Some HD CT scans may also be able to detect tissue and ligament damage and determine how extensive the damage is. 

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