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Spay and Neuter Services at Coral Gables Animal Hospital

The veterinarian team of Dr. Bradley Richter and Dr. Annette Thomas highly recommend that pet owners spay and neuter their furry friends. Not only does this simple procedure help reduce pet overpopulation, but it also gives animals greater opportunities to life a healthier and happier life. Here at Coral Gable Animal Hospital, we routinely perform these minor surgeries, and invite you to talk to our vets about your pet’s needs today.


Spay and Neuter Procedures Are Safe and Affordable

Our Coral Gables, FL, veterinarians strive to keep the spay and neuter surgery affordable, and we perform the surgery right here in our office. Females undergo the spaying procedure in which the ovaries and uterus are removed. Male pets undergo a neutering procedure, which removes the testicles and prohibits their ability to impregnate females.

To ensure animals’ safety, our veterinarian will examine your pet before the surgery and run a few tests. The operation for females lasts around 20 minutes and males take only five to ten minutes from start to finish. Pets are sedated, given pain medication and are given IV fluids. We monitor them closely throughout and after the surgery, and most pets can return home the same day. Males will bounce back quickly, while females may take a few days to resume normal activities.

The Vast Benefits of Pet Spaying and Neutering

Unless owners plan on breeding their animal at some point, spaying and neutering as soon as possible after 8 weeks of age is highly advised. This allows pets to begin enjoying the numerous physical and behavioral benefits as soon as possible. A few recognized perks of pet sterilization include:

  • Sterilized animals lose their urges to seek out mates both in and out of the home, which often reduces their desire to try and escape.
  • Neutered males tend to be less aggressive as they lose their primal urges.
  • Spayed females will stop bleeding, chittering, and yowling for hours when in heat and may ‘spray’ less.
  • Spaying and neutering reduces pet’s chances of developing infections and cancers of the reproductive organs.

What Is the Best Time for Pets to Be Spayed or Neutered?

Puppies and kittens are generally able to undergo these procedures around 8 weeks of age, but it’s generally never too late to sterilize pets as long as they are healthy. However, the earlier the better for pet owners who want to minimize their furry friends’ chances of developing infections, cancers, or becoming unexpectedly pregnant.

Schedule Spay and Neuter Services at Coral Gables Animal Hospital

We are pleased to offer affordable spay and neuter procedures here at our clinic, and perform these surgeries hundreds of times a year. Contact Coral Gables Animal Hospital at 305-667-5821 today to schedule a consultation with our compassionate and experienced veterinarian serving Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest, Miami Dade County, and South Florida areas.

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