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There’s nothing like caring for a feline or canine companion to keep you on your toes. Working with a vet you trust can make pet care that much easier. If you live in Coral Gables, bring your pets to Coral Gables Animal Hospital for quality veterinary care. Our team has been providing quality pet care services to residents of Coral Gables and surrounding communities for over 60 years.

Who We Are

Coral Gables Animal Hospital is led by Dr. Bradley Richter, a highly-skilled veterinarian with over 40 years of experience in his field. Dr. Richter is joined by Dr. Thomas, and our professional veterinary team. In addition to general pet care, our team has collective experience in internal medicine, soft tissue surgery, and preventative care.  

As a full service animal clinic, we provide diverse veterinary care services to enhance the health and wellness of your pet. From wellness exams to pet surgeries, we’re fully committed to meeting your pet’s healthcare needs.

What We Do

Our animal care facility handles both routine and emergency pet care during our normal business hours. Our team is well experienced and we provide the resources to treat all manner of conditions and diseases. You’ll find our clinical environment to be clean, comfortable, and pet-friendly, putting your pet at ease while waiting to see the vet.  

Our Comprehensive Pet Care Services Include, but Are Not Limited To:

Preventative Care: Preventative pet care will help your pet stay healthy over the years. Services like pet wellness exams, vaccinations, parasite control, nutritional counseling, and dental care will improve your pet’s health and protect him from sickness and disease. Through preventative care, your pet can enjoy good health at every stage of his life.  

Surgery and Laser Therapy: We offer soft tissue surgeries and laser therapy to help your pet recover from injuries and medical conditions. We also provide pain management services before, during, and after surgeries for the comfort of your pet.

Diagnostics/On-site Pharmacy: Our facility provides full diagnostics to include radiology, ultrasound, and HD CT scans to expedite the diagnosis and treatment of your pet. Our fully stocked pharmacy enables you to obtain the medications your pet needs to facilitate his recovery.

Emergency & Critical Care: In the event of emergencies, you can count on your veterinarian in Coral Gables to provide prompt, efficient care during our normal business hours. For further care, we have listed 24hr emergency or specialty hospitals on our Emergency and Critical Care page.

Boarding: We offer safe, reliable boarding services for your feline or canine while you’re away on business or vacation. In our comfortable, secure kennels, your pet will enjoy good food, daily exercise, and socialization with fellow pets.


Bring Your Pet to Coral Gables Animal Hospital for Quality Pet Care

To schedule an appointment with your veterinarian in Coral Gables, contact Coral Gables Animal Hospital at 305- 667-5821 today. Our veterinarian serves Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest, Miami Dade County, and South Florida areas.

Dr. Bradley Richter
Dr. Annette

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Coral Gables Animal Hospital is now offering a new option that may fit your busy lifestyle. Just one shot of ProHeart 12 provides protection for your dog all year long.

Keep your fury companion protected from deadly heartworms without the hassle of remembering to administer prevention every month. Ask us how to prevent heartworm disease for 12 months with just 1 dose.

New patients receive their first vaccine wellness exam FREE*.

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Meet Our Skilled Team

Learn Who We Are

  • Bradley Richter
    Veterinarian and Owner

    Dr. Bradley Richter has been practicing veterinary medicine in his hometown of Miami, Florida for over 40 years. His family has resided in Miami for almost a Century. After graduating from Coral Gables Senior High, he received his BS in Animal Husbandry from University of Missouri in 1974.

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  • Annette Thomas

    Dr. Thomas attended the Immaculate Conception Preparatory and High School in Kingston, Jamaica. She graduated with a Bachelor's of Art from University of Pennsylvania and thereafter earner her Veterinarian Degree from the same institution.

    Read More

  • Dr.
    Eunice Rosales

    Bio Coming Soon...

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Read What Our Clients Say

    Everyone is very friendly and personable. All the doctors are extremely knowledgeable and treat my pets like family members instead of animals.

    Gerald O.

    Competent, experienced, friendly, professional.A+++

    Louis G.

    The doctors and staff at Coral Gables Animal Hospital are the best!

    Manuel F.

    I have been taking my dogs for a long time to CGAH, they are extremely courteous, professional, and caring for my dogs. Never had any issue, they remember my dogs and my family with love and care. The warmth, care and concern shown by the extremely knowledgeable doctors and staff toward my pets and myself in good times and especially in bad is very comforting and reassuring. I highly recommend Coral Gables Animal Hospital

    Martha C.

    The best vets Richter and Thomas they go the extra mile for the benefits of your pets

    Joaquin M.

    A long-time client, I appreciate and value both the professionally knowledgeable and personal concern provided to my pets by their veterinarian and his colleagues. Our veterinarian's expertise is exceptional - and appreciated for some 20 years. Too, the staff is friendly, courteous and helpful.

    Al A.

    Dr Thomas and the staff were amazing. Thank you.

    David M.

    Exemplary attention and dedication to our pets...always!


    Dr Newman has a wonderful manner of dealing with both pet and owner.


    It’s always an easy and efficient and caring visit at Goral Gables Animal hospital.


    Dr Newman and her staff were the first of 4 different practices I had to try to find one with the patience, willingness and ABILITY to deal with my difficult but sweet dog, recently passed. Now with my new pup I trust this professional group entirely


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